Mission Statement:

Our mission is to celebrate the
animal-human bond which we
foster by financially supporting
those who are working to
address issues that affect
companion and service animals.
Board of Directors:

John Raymond, Esq., President
Helen B. Wilkes, Vice President
Marcie Ramos, Treasurer
Judy Hensley, Secretary

Michelle A. Rivera
Michael C. Graham
Linda Hirsch
Linda T. Gore
Nancy Sleuman
Animal Support
indness and Kinship
Welcome to A.S.K.K.

Founded in 1999, A.S.K.K. is a 501 C-3 Florida non-profit organization
dedicated to helping animal rescue groups, private and public shelters and
organizations, and programs that save or benefit our distressed or needy
animal friends.

We are especially interested in spay/neuter initiatives, humane education,
animal-related legislation and organizations dedicated to service and/or
therapy animals. We believe that no animal should go without necessary
veterinary care because of the guardian's inability to pay for that care; we
help whenever and wherever animals are in need.